Thursday, March 17, 2011

How To Get Post Office (PO) Box in the Philippines

  1. Go to the nearest post office.
  2. Look for the one in charge of PO Box rentals.
  3. You will be given an index card.
  4. Write your name, address and contact number in the index card.
  5. Pay a total of P1080.00 to the cashier. P1000 for one year PO Box rental and P80 for the key.
  6. That's it
Some notes

  • P200 for lost key
  • Renewals are done at the beginning of the year
  • Keep the receipt and they will give you a refund of P40 if you decide to end the rental
  • P40 for every registered mail received


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing that step-by-step procedure. I now know how to get a P.O. box in the Philippines.

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  2. I was thinking of opening a PO Box too. Thank you so much for your help.

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  3. may fee pa na P40 pag may nareceive na mail? bakit?

  4. yeah . . . why is there have to be a fee by just receiving a mail. . .?

  5. huhuhu so if I win the giveaway in youtube I cant claim my prize mail/send to me because of that uggghhh PO Box!!!! is there any ways to claim my mail which is ship/send to me? (please bare with my grammar)

    1. you can just send your home address but mostly when you have parcel, what you'll receive is a card or letter from the nearest post office in your place saying that you have to go to the post office, bring some identification and then pay a certain amount. you must immediately claim your parcel because if you let it stay in the post office for more than 30 days, you'll pay an additional fee. Mostly the amount is 50 pesos when I receive my items that I have bought online. The payment is, what I believe, for the customs and for the storage fee. :)