Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How To: Access Your Android Phone From Windows 7 Over Wi-Fi as a Samba Shared Folder

Requirements: Rooted phone

  1. Install this Windows Hotfix on your computer and then restart (not sure if needed).
  2. Install Samba Filesharing on your Android phone using any of the following methods:
  3. Open Samba Filesharing and click Allow when prompted for a Superuser Request.
  4. Menu > Settings > Password > type desired [password]
  5. Username > type desired [username]
  6. Back > Menu > Enable > OK
  7. You will then see something like this
  8. Windows Key > [Type what you see on the second line of the phone. e.g. \\]
  9. Type [username] and [password] you entered in the previous steps to finally access your Android phone.
  10. That's it. Post a comment if you a question.

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